Apr 02

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Terminate Termites in Your Kansas City Home for Good!

Put an End to the Termite Invasion of Your Home

Just like numerous other types of bug infestations, lots of people finding themselves with a termite invasion in their Kansas City home assume that they can acquire a termite treatment locally and do the job themselves.

Well, in some instances where there is a problem in a fairly small structure, well away from the main property this might be possible, but, treating termites is a undertaking which requires knowledge and know how and should really be left to a professional.

Time For a Termite Treatment

To help you decide whether to tackle a termite problem yourself ask yourself do you have a wide knowledge of building construction? If the answer is no, you will undoubtedly have huge problems in identifying the most likely entry points for the termites. Can you safely handle the specialist equipment required? By this I mean tools such a masonry drills, soil treatment rods etc. Again if the answer is no or not sure do not attempt this! Remember, this is not a job involving using a little spray bottle at intervals around the

Termite colonies will usually comprise of many hundreds of thousands of tiny pests, all hunting for food in a vast array different directions. With this in mind having a termite treatment carried out only in limited locations might be a false economy because there is a strong possibility that the termites will simply find another entry point into your house. Also that most termite treatment companies will not offer any warranty for this type of treatment.

However, if you do have a termite problem having the whole property treated is undoubtedly the best option. So what are the best termite treatments? Our company primarily does the perimeter plus treatment with Termidor HE, which means we treat the exterior plus the area of your home that is infested on the inside. We have found this to be the most effective treatment for you, the customer.

As a rule of thumb, provided the termite treatment is executed in a thorough manner and following manufacturers instructions your home should be protected from further termite invasion for a full 5 years. However this can vary and depends on factors such as environmental conditions and the numbers of termites. Any problems with termites within the first year or so is in most instances nothing to do with the failure of the actual chemical treatment but more to do with the termites discovering any small gap which has been missed during treatment.

The use of any type of chemicals immediately brings to mind the question are they harmful to humans or animals? All of the chemicals used in termite treatments are tested exhaustively. Our certified applicators will perform a safe and thorough application, with minimum intrusiveness to your home.

The best way to get rid of termites is to call a professional exterminator. Ram Exterminators has over 25 Years of experience in getting rid of termites. Call us today at 913-677-2700

Or visit us at www.ramexterminators.com

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