Apr 11

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Signs of Termite Damage to Your Kansas City Home

termitesTermites are nasty little pests that can cause major damage to houses and other structures. While they play an important role in nature by helping break down fallen wood in forests, these skills tend to be appreciated much less in our homes, shops and barns.

If you are concerned about termite infestation, the most important thing you can do is be on the lookout for signs of termite damage. You can do this yourself several times throughout the year, but it can also be very helpful to hire a professional pest control service like RAM Exterminators to inspect your home annually.

Here are the three most common signs of termite damage:

1. Seeing Termites

The first and most obvious sign of termite damage will be seeing the termites themselves. Termites typically swarm in the spring months but you can see them anytime. They are drawn to light and can sometimes be found on lights and around windows. Don’t be alarmed if you see swarming termites outside near fallen trees or tree stumps. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a termite problem but it might be prudent to arrange for an termite inspection. It is important to act on the first signs of termite to avoid more complications in the future. Termites can be very destructive.  If you do have termites,  Ram Exterminators offers a termite treatment that is GUARANTEED for 5 YEARS!

2. Damaged Wood

Wood that has already seen termite damage may sound hollow when knocked on. The wood can be soft and easily probed with a sharp object. You may also see a gritty film on the outside of wood that has been damaged by termites.

Termites will not confine their grazing to just wood; anything containing cellulose is edible to termites. This includes cardboard, wood panels and any other material that consists primarily of cellulose, which is the main component of wood. Termites can destroy the wood work in your homes if they stay on them. It will make the wood weak and be damaged.

3. Mud Tubes

Termites travel in a series of tunnels they create called mud tubes. These tubes are made from dirt, wood particles and other debris and are often found along foundations, floor joists, behind cement porches, and sometimes even going through sheet rock. These tubes can be in places that are not easily seen, and can be in places that are hidden.

Termites can be easily controlled through expert pest control and termite treatments. If you suspect you have seen signs of termite damage or just want peace of mind, schedule a home termite inspection today and know that your home is protected.

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