Apr 21

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Kansas City Termite Swarming Season

Kansas City Termites Swarming Right Now!

swarming termitesKansas City’s termites including: drywoodand subterranean become reproductive in Spring and early Summer. The warm humid weather ignites their activity and is very visible when the termites swarm.

What is a termite swarm?

Termites swarm when they are in search of finding a mate to reproduce with. Only the winged termites are reproductive and are capable of beginning new colonies. These winged termites are referred to as the “swarmer” termite. The “swarmers” leave the existing colony in which they belong to in search to begin a new colony. During the process of “swarming”, they males pair with their female mates and fly off to separate locations in hopes to birth enough termites to begin a new colony.

The best time to witness a subterranean termite swarm in Kansas City is during a hot humid evening. The drywood termites are commonly during the day after a heavy rainfall. The termites are very poor flyers and drift in the area mainly by the prevailing winds. They are attracted to light, so often you will see their wings and perhaps dead termites near lamps, windows, and other light sources. Once they land they chew off their wings and mate. The pair then try to find a wood source to infest and breed.  Unfortunately, for them, most of the termite swarmers do not survive, and are eaten by other predators such as ants, and spiders. Many of the termite swarmers do not find shelter and dry up and die.

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A sure sign of having a termite infestation in your Kansas City home is the presence of these pellets or fallen wings. This is when you must act immediately and inquire about having a termite inspection performed by the local pest control company in Kansas City like RAM Exterminators.  They offer Termite Treatments guaranteed for up to 5 years!

If you find yourself concerned about having a possible termite infestation without the sure signs, contact RAM Exterminators for a Termite Inspection. They can easily and immediately determine if your home has termites or if it is at risk of having them.

Targeting a termite infestation is most effective if caught at the early infestation point. Never allow signs of termites to go uninspected. Allowing your home to have a annual termite check up is highly recommended to all Kansas City residents. This drastically reduces the chances of having your home invaded by termites.

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